What is Semi Permanent Make Up?


Semi permanent pigments are applied to the surface layer of the skin, designed to define and enhance natural facial features. The pigments are implanted using microfine needles, a process which is also known as micro pigmentation or cosmetic tattooing.


It's a 2 treatment process, you have your initial treatment then its redone 4-6 weeks later. The effects will gradually fade over time depending on factors such as age, exposure to sun and general skin care however a single top up every 12 - 18 months can rectify this.


Clients are likely to experience minor swelling of the treated area which will fade over the following 1 or 2 days. the area will also look darker in colour immediately afterwards, with final results taking a few weeks to appear. there is minimum pain during the procedure as numing products are used before and during the whole process.


Treatments available are : Eyebrows (Hair stroke, powdered, full brow)