Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a sleeve cost?

This gets asked on a daily basis! There are SO many factors to how long a sleeve will take that it's pretty impossible to put a final price on one. Colour sleeves take a lot longer than black and grey sleeves then after that depending on how detailed it is this will affect the time and lets not forget the simple fact some people have skinny arms some people have huge arms so this all affects the time it will take!

How much do you charge?

Our minimum charge for small simple tattoos is £50. Bigger custom pieces are charged at £80 per hour.

How much is a consultation?

Free! These are the best way to start the process of getting a new tattoo. It is a 5/10 min chat to sit and go though your ideas and discuss size, location and price etc. To book a consultation simply fill out the box on the contact section of the website, call the studio directly on 01786 450486, pop in or FB us directly.

How old do you need to be to get a tattoo?

18! Not the day before your 18th birthday, 18! This is the law. If you are under 25 or it is your first tattoo you MUST provide us with a photographic ID, either a passport or drivers license. Please also not there is no such thing as parental consent if you do not have valid ID you will NOT be getting a tattoo in this studio!

Can my friend come with me when I get it done?

We do not allow spectators in the actual room with you when you are getting tattooed but your friends/family are more then welcome to sit in the waiting room.

How soon can I get a tattoo before I go on holiday?

We strongly suggest that you wait 4 weeks until exposing your new tattoo to the sun and pools etc. The minimum we will tattoo you before going on holiday is 3 weeks.

Do you take card payments?

No sorry its cash only.

Do you have a piercer?

No sorry we do not currently offer piercings.

How do i look after my new tattoo?

We provide detailed aftercare advice, this is explained to you verbally then we give you a leaflet with everything on it you need to know. We also sell Tattoo Goo in the studio, this is what we personally recommend you use to heal up your tattoo.

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